A couple of questions and answers for the Fargo HDP8500

The NEW Fargo HDP8500 is set to release around the end of December mark, we thought this would be prime time to answer a couple of questions you may want to ask.

1. What is the FARGO HDP8500 ID Printer?

Fargo have been producing ID Printers for years now and alone the HDP8500 is the fifth generation re-transfer printer they have produced, this particular id printer is manufactured and developed to meet the requirements of high-duty continuous ID issuance.

2. Will the FARGO HDP8500 printer replace any current FARGO printers?

The HDP8500 runs on similar technology as the HDP5000 however, the model being release in December is rich in features and more features are set to be released in early 2012 ensuring that the HDP8500 is the most upto date printer on the market.

3. How does the HDP8500 differ from the FARGO HDP5000 printer?

The FARGO HDP8500 is a high duty performance ID card issuance solution, geared to produce IDs continuously throughout long shifts, even in the most demanding environments. Like the HDP5000 printer, the HDP8500 uses High Definition Print technology to produce crisp, vibrant, secure card images. The HDP8500 differs from the HDP5000 in several ways; a new range of features enables the HDP8500 to sustain extended batch print runs and offer optimal reliability and security:

  • Industry-first 400-card input capacity with dual 200-card input hoppers
  • Industry-first multi-station card cleaning rollers
  • Industry-leading three-year warranty
  • Faster, more flexible print modes and higher card throughput speeds in the performance print mode
  • Secure enclosure of ribbon, film, input hopper cards, output hopper cards and rejected cards via physical locks
  • Metal printer cabinetry
  • Secure operator PIN access via the touch screen display lock out or authorize printer operators
  • Secure data transmission with AES 256 bit encryption
  • Resin erase feature to eliminate user data from used ribbon spools
  • HID Global’s Trusted Identity Platform (TIP®) provides security at the point of issuance, allowing secure print job authorization
  • Ability to physically secure the printer to a counter or work surface
  • Lower cost per card with half-panel color ribbon offerings
  • High durability consumables offerings
  • Industry-first 3.5” graphical touch screen display for ease of operation
  • Open, easily accessible card path
  • Dual-sided printing is standard
  • Optional ISO card flattening mechanism
  • Source: HID®

4. What does HDP stand for?

High Definition Printing (HDP) this technology ensures your cards are at the best quality possible. The printer uses two sets of ribbons, one is for colour and the other for the re-transfer film which gives that edge to edge premium finish on your cards. Another benefit of using a HDP printer is that when transfering onto the re-transfer film it produces the card on the underside of the film ensuring that longer lasting card.

More coming soon.

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