Do lanyards have an impact on your corporate image?

Lanyards have been on the market for some time now, many people refer to lanyards as cords, strings even shoe laces in some cases. Lanyards are known to be worn around the neck to carry identification cards. However, Lanyards can be used for numerous reasons and some of them are: Mobile Holder, Bottle Holder, holders for keys and another most common use is for whistles.

Choices of lanyards

In previous times there wasn’t much choice when it came to Lanyards, but now with new technology the possibilities are endless. Even the materials and colours have come alive; the ability of getting that pantone matched lanyard has never been easier. With a variety of attachments like Swivel Hooks, Carabinar Clips, Crocodile Clips, and Bulldog Clips helps make your lanyards cater around you.

Lanyards as quoted in the previous paragraph are more commonly worn around the neck although, Lanyards can be worn around the Arm, Waist or Wrist depending on the reason why you need lanyards. Lanyards enable you to keep your hands free whilst still displaying vital information like ID cards, we at Lesar have found that the most common wearers of Lanyards are Retail Workers, Hospital Staff, Students and even Lifeguards and Referees. Lanyards are a great advertising tool as they are clearly visible and can be designed around your corporate image.

Pantone Matched Lanyards

We at Lesar have become very popular when it comes to quoting on Lanyards as we can include; Company Logo’s, Company Names, Pantone Matched, Specific Measurements, Colour coded breakaways, and different materials. All our lanyards are sold with a safety breakaway attachment which stops any nasty accidents if the Lanyard was to get caught on an object.

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