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We Design & Print
High Quality ID Cards.

With over 3 million staff ID cards supplied across the UK, we're passionate about designing and printing ID cards for customers that they can be proud of. Our friendly in-house team are experts with years of experience in producing the very best and secure ID cards for your business, staff, students and visitors. Enquire today and request your free ID card sample pack.

How our service works


Step 1: Contact us
We'll provide a quote

Enquire today and we'll provide a quote on the quantities of staff ID cards that you require then we'll create any artwork required for your ID cards. Already have a design? Great! You can send it to us and begin uploading your photos.

Component 1 – 10333 7000 123

Custom features on your ID cards that work for you


Step 2: CardHero
Access to our portal

We design your ID cards with your instruction in mind. Once you're happy, we'll provide you access to our quick and easy CardHero portal to begin uploading your ID card photos and information - then sit back, we'll do the rest.

No minimum order quantity for ordering ID cards


Step 3: Pre-shipment
Quality inspection

Success! You have reached the final stage of our process, we now perform our quality checks on your ID cards and depending on our schedule, you'll receive your brand new ID cards super quick!

What our customers are saying

The ID cards arrive promptly and are all of a consistent high standard. Buying the tokens has worked well for us as new staff members can be issued with a card quickly. Highly recommended.

Dr Johnson   5 StarLesar


MS   5 StarLesar

Very speedy service, good quality cards and easy to use website for photos!

Types of cards 


Office Cards


Secure Cards


Healthcare Cards


School Cards


Event Cards


Membership Cards


Photo Cards


Access Cards


Essential features


Why choose us


Swift Service

Our CardHero team make it a priority to
deliver a friendly and fast service ensuring
your cards are with you in no time.


Unbeatable Prices

Saving money on cards can have a huge
impact, that's why we'll match any price of your
products if found cheaper somewhere else.


Quality Assured

We carefully examine your cards ensuring
there are no mistakes or defects after design
and printing before we deliver them to you.

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Positive reviews from awesome customers like you brightens up our day knowing we met your expectations and it also helps us to continue to provide a great service to customers. We read every review and really appreciate your feedback. Share your experiences with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size are your ID cards?

A: Our ID cards are standard credit card size (86x54mm).

Q: How do I supply Artwork?

A: After making an enquiry, we will begin creating your artwork for you.

Q: Can you print using the PDF I provide?

A: Yes, as long as it includes all the relevant information.

Q: How soon can I receive my ID cards?

A: Our portal works on a first come first serve basis but typically despatches within 3-6 working days.

Q: Does CardHero store my designs for future purchases?

A: Yes, CardHero stores not only your designs, but your photos too; making it simple to order again.

Q: What materials are the cards made of?

A: All ID cards are made up of biodegradable PVC in efforts to protect the environment.

Q: How does the delivery charge work?

A: You pay one carriage charge upfront for each batch of cards. This covers all deliveries using the call off service until the credits finish.

Q: Is it possible to top up?

A: Yes, you can simply top up via cardhero by purchasing credits. One credit is equivalent to one ID card.

More Information About Us

Getting your staff ID cards printed couldn’t be easier, the majority of companies going for a service like ours are small with around 10 - 20 staff however, lately we are producing staff ID cards to companies with anything up to 1000 staff members and more!

A lot of companies get put off the idea of getting ID cards printed by an external company as they are unsure how the service works and not to mention the costs involved, this is what we want to change. With ID cards, being printed every day and over thousands of cards sent out every month we believe we can offer not only the best prices but also the best service.

We begin the process by asking how many cards you require, from this we will come to an arrangement where you can order approximately 10 more cards than you initially need. This is great for companies with a frequent change in staff or for those who lose their ID cards.

We then ask for your company logo and a brief description for what you want your staff ID cards to look like, this can all be sent to us via email. We then take your logo and start designing your cards. Within two to three hours or even quicker in some cases, we will have a colorful yet professional ID card design; we will then send this across to you for your approval.

You may be thinking what format you need the photos in, on the other hand, how do I get the photos across?

After the design stage it is all about getting your photos across to us, you can use our online portal to upload your photos and see your final design, once received, we will begin production for your staff ID cards. As for the format, we can take any format sent, however the traditional image format is JPEG.

Once everything has arrived and we have your photos and design complete we then begin printing your staff ID cards, delivery normally takes around 3 – 6 days but we can often get them to you sooner if you wish (additional charge applied).

What happens to the remaining cards?

We keep those cards on file until you need them, i.e. in a couple of weeks time if you have a requirement for a staff id card simply send us the photograph and we will print and pop in the post, 1st class of course.

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If you would like more information about our service and how it works or even if you would like some samples, please feel free to contact us on:
0800 622 6201