Do you still punch holes in your ID Cards?

Are you finding that punching a hole through your id card to attach to a lanyard is reducing the life span of your cards?

If yes then you need id holders, our rigid open-faced holders are moulded with one complete piece of plastic and are available in a variety of colours, and you can easily slot in your card and be comfortable that the identity card is securely held in place.

Some government organisations require a high security holder, which means you cannot touch the card or remove the card unless you really have to, these holders are usually clear so that the card is clearly visible.

Our most ordered ID card holders.

  • Open faced rigid
  • Thumb-slot
  • Enclosed rigid
  • Dual sided
  • Multi card
  • Slider

If you would like more information about ID holders then please contact our sales team on 0800 059 9198 or email [email protected]

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