What should my id cards look like?

For years, we have been providing ID cards to companies throughout the UK, and we find that we are always asked the same questions when it comes to the design.

What will our design look like and what information should be shown on the card?

In regards to the design we will work with you to create a bespoke card, however we do have some standard templates which customers have been known to use.


Please feel free to use these basic layouts in your quest when purchasing staff id cards, the templates when ordering from Lesar can be edited in anyway you wish. For example if you worked in a school would you display your entire name or just an abbreviation e.g. Jamie Smith or J Smith. What about ID numbers you might not have a system now that records numbers for staff but in the future, there may become a requirement that you need to record an individual number for each staff member from this we can print a serialised number on the card, which will increase when a badge is produced.

But in short, we always suggest that customers work with us to create a unique design to their company; after all, they are your identity cards. In regards to the information held well that all depends on what information you need to show.

If you would like more information about our ID Cards please call 0800 059 9198 or email [email protected]

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