Fargo C50

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Fargo C50 ID Card Printer

Fargo C50 is ideal for producing:

Specifications Overview

  • All-in-one printer ribbon and card cleaning cartridge simplifies the ribbon loading process
  • Enjoy edge-to-edge printing in full-colour or monochrome.
  • Single Sided Print.


The FARGO C50 is a card printer that is reliable and very simple to use. You can create personalised cards exactly to your specifications and is ideal for staff ID, membership cards and school visitor badges. With its compact design the C50 can fit into any environment and work space.

Efficient and easy to use; all you need to do is install the software, plug in and away you go. This printer provides a energy efficient Id solution producing ID cards of outstanding quality.

Fantastic Quality

C50 uses Dye-Sublimation print for creating vivid images and thermal resin printing for a sharp finish, especially when printing detailed images such as bar-codes.

Saving Time

Fargo C50 is capable of producing 150 cards per hour. With an input hopper holding up to 50 cards there is no need to manually feed your blank ID cards into the printer.

Easy Operation

C50 has fantastic colour-changing status buttons to easily identify the status of the printer.

Low Maintainence

C50 has the ability to use a combined printer ribbon and cleaning roller which automatically makes this printer easy to maintain, meaning you'll have less down time for maintenance.

Eco friendly

The C50 printer is also energy star certified, with a default sleep mode that reduces the printer's power consumption if idle for more than five minutes.

Fargo C50 Ribbons

Part No Ribbon Description Images Panels Click To View Product
45101 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Images Premium K Fargo 84818 Mono Printer Ribbon
45102 Fargo 1 Panel 1000Images Standard K Fargo 84818 Mono Printer Ribbon
45103 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Images Blue Fargo 45103 Blue
45104 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Green Fargo 45104 Green
45105 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image  Red Fargo 45105 RED
45106 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image  White Fargo 45106 White
45107 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Gold Fargo 45107 Gold
45111 Fargo 1 Panel 500 Image KO Fargo 45111 Black Ribbon
45113 Fargo 1 Panel 500 KO Fargo 45111 Black Ribbon
45117  Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Standard K Fargo 45111 Black Ribbon
45130 Fargo 1 Panel 500 Image Metallic Gold Fargo 45107 Gold
45131 Fargo 1 Panel 500 Images Metallic Silver Fargo 45108 Silver
45108 Fargo 1 Panel 1000 Image Silver Fargo 45108 Silver
45014 Fargo 5 Half Panel 350 Images YMCKO YMCKO Ribbon
45440 Fargo 5 Panel  100 Image YMCKO YMCKO Ribbon
44261 Fargo Refillable cartridge N/A N/A Fargo 44261 Refillable Cartridge
45441 Fargo 5 Refill RIbbon 100 Image  YMCKO YMCKO Ribbon


Helpful Tips

How To Setup A C50 Printer


  • Side Printing: Single Print
  • Method: Dye-sublimation / resin thermal transfer
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Print Speed: 24 seconds per card / 150 cards per hour (YMCKO)
  • Card capacity: 50 card input, 30 card output
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