Fargo HPDii Plus


Fargo HDPii Plus ID card Printer

Fargo HDPii Plus is ideal for producing:

  • Credit / Debit Cards
  • Pre-paid cards
  • Gift / Loyalty cards

Special Features

The FARGO HDPii Plus is an encoder printer that produces high quality and durable financial cards with speed and security; being able to print a new card within minutes and hand to the customer directly. The HDPii has a standard magnetic stripe encoder allowing the card to hold all the information needed and has an optional contact and contactless smart card encoders.

Secure Security

The Printer ribbons, HDP FIlms and Input hopper are protected by an electric lock; meaning that it can not be accessed without authorisation. The cards that are produced are concealed inside the printer and can be locked. Also for extra security; to make sure the printer cannot be moved with any authorisation the printer is physically bolted down to a counter top.

Specification Overview

  • Dye-Sublimation Print
  • Duel Sided Print
  • Full colour printing
  • 300 DPI Resolution 
  • High definition
  • Print 75 cards per hour in colour
  • Printer can hold 100 card input - So no need to feed each card individually 
  • Will hold 100 cards output

Simple Production

The HDPii Plus is surprisingly easy to use. Cards, ribbons and HDP Film are all cartridge based and load within seconds. Simple on-screen prompts from the HDPii Plus printer driver, and helpful LCD control panel on the printer itself, make operation simple.

Fargo HDPii Plus Ribbons

Part No Ribbon Description Images Panels Click To View Product
84050 Fargo 3 Panel 750 Images YMC Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84051   Fargo 4 Panel 500 Images YMCK Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84052 Fargo 5 Panel 500 Images YMCKK Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84056 Fargo 5 Panel 500 Image YMCKH Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84049 Fargo 5 Half Panel 750 Image  YMCKK Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84059 Fargo 7 Panel 400 Image  YMCKIKI Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84067 HDP Film 1000 Image Clear  84800 HDP Film
84068 Fargo 6 Panel 450 Image YMCIKH Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
84060 Fargo 1 Panel  3000 Image K Fargo 84818 Mono Printer Ribbon
84053 Re-Transfer Film  1500 Image Clear  84800 HDP Film
84057 Fargo 5 Panel  500 Image  YMCKI Fargo-Colour-Ribbon
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