Have you considered using branded lanyards?

Have you considered using branded lanyards printed with your company logo and corporate colours to hold and display your id cards? If not then we think they could be extremely beneficial for your organisation.

Personalised lanyards not only can be made fashionable but they are worn everywhere making your lanyard the perfect brand advertisement, consider paying for an advertisement in a local newspaper and the length of time it will be displayed for 1-5 days depending on how much you are willing to pay? Where as a lanyard printed with your logo and colours will be an ongoing advertisement and shown everywhere your employees go.

You might be thinking my employees might not use the lanyard outside of work, however if you incorporate some additional features like a mobile clip and a simple ring these are great for students they can carry their mobiles and even keys on the end of the lanyard as well as their id card.

Please see below a list different types of attachments for printed lanyards:

  • Trigger Clip
  • Lobster Clip
  • Plastic J Clip
  • Metal J Clip
  • Metal Crocodile Clip
  • Key Ring
  • Badge-reel

If you would like more information about personalised lanyards please contact us on 0800 059 9198 or email [email protected]


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