Have you got your id cards?

Identity cards are an ever-growing requirement in businesses today with well over 1000 cards provided every month and growing, our service has become a must for most companies in the UK, were now rolling out staff ID cards to some of the country’s biggest organisations such as PepsiCo and Warburton’s.

The cards we provide are exactly the same size as your credit or debit card and last for years on end. Majority of companies find that having an expiry date printed on the card is the way forward, after all you wouldn’t want your previous employee using their identity badge if they no longer work for your company, the expiry date on the id card could vary depending on your requirement however normally its between 1 and 5 years.

You may be wandering what security features could be used to ensure that your cards at as secure as possible, well at Lesar UK we have various options available from Holograms to Foto-Dot technology – See our previous news item to read more on this.

We have found that a lot of organisations especially schools are using laminated pieces of paper which contain photographs and other information relevant to the bearer of the card, this may be a cheap cost effective way of producing identity cards but what’s stopping someone who owns a laminator and printer producing identical badges.

Our photographic id cards are made from plastic PVC, which are identical to a standard Debit or Credit card the only difference is that the cards themselves contain the information you require on them i.e. name, job title, logo, and photo. You can get staff id cards from Lesar from as little as £2.50 per card when ordering 100 id badges. If you don’t need 100 badges then just use the desired amount and the remaining cards will stay on our records until you need them. For example: You could order 100 id cards from Lesar and only use say 20 – 50 the remaining “credits” will be kept on our system until required, when the time comes and you need an additional card simply email our dedicated print team who will pop your request into production.

If you would like more information about ID cards please call us on 0800 059 9189 or email [email protected]

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