How can Visitor Passes benefit my business?

Visitor signing in sheets are used in almost every business and they are most likely already being using within your building. These sheets and passes are either a printed piece of paper on which the visitors' sign their names and details such as car registration number and the company they are calling from or set of sticky labels that the visitor sticks to their clothing. Both of these systems are cost effective, however, the question is, are they secure and fit for purpose?

To answer this question, you simply need to look at the purpose of the Visitor Passes. Often, companies do not know this and they simply make their visitor's sign in just as good practice. However, the main reasons are as follows:

  • For emergency purposes; e.g. in the event of a fire, this acts as a Fire Register.
  • For auditing purposes; in secure office, food production companies, schools and various manufacturing sites, they have to adhere to additional HSE or Ofsted regulations and the visitor passes allow for the visitors to be audited.
  • As an identification tool, the passes add to the security of any building. By issuing your visitor with a badge, it ensures that no unauthorised people / trespassers are on your site.

The Three Sections to our Visitor Pass Systems that ensure you adhere to the above and more:

One: The Pass

The pass can be completely personalised containing your organisations logo and health and safety information. The visitor signs in upon arrival, and confirms that they have read all your Health & Safety information and wears the pass as a badge to show to everyone on-site that they are an authorised visitor.

Two: The Discrete Sheet

The discrete sheet is a great addition to the system, after all you would not want any of your visitors seeing personal information about previous visitors would you? Furthermore, it is personalised with your logo and colours adding to your corporate image and this ensures that your company is adhering to the Data Protection Act 1998.

Three: The Register

Again, the sleek and professional design and finish is extended to the fire register and can be fully personalised. The main feature of the register is that it is an on-going audit trail that can be used as a detailed fire report. Each pass, when filled in marries up to the register with a sequential number. For food manufacturing sites, the pass and fire register can be amended to include questions relating to foreign travel or sickness which are part of HSE's regulations.

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