ID Card Printer Cleaning Kits

After receiving numerous phone calls regarding plastic card printers not producing high quality printed identification cards, we decided to write a little article to raise awareness of printer maintenance. We hope from this article that you gain the knowledge on how to keep that first printed high quality card standard up.

First of all, I’d like to talk about cleaning kits, cleaning kits are purchased by many all over the UK however, not everybody thinks of using them until it’s too late. This is usually due to the provider not notifying the customer of cleaning kits and when card printers require cleaning.

Here at Lesar with every printer provided we always ensure that the customer knows the ins and outs of every consumable available for the chosen printer of purchase – This includes cleaning kits ;)

Jumping straight to the point: As a standard, you should clean your card printer every 1000 cards produced; this will keep your printer free from dust and dirt. Each printer manufacturer have their own guidelines on cleaning card printers, some say thoroughly clean your printer every time you change your ribbon, this is a very good way of ensuring your printer maintains its print quality but could be very expensive when it comes to purchasing cleaning kits. We do suggest cleaning or wiping down the printer every time you change the ribbon, but thoroughly cleaning your printer every 1000 cards or just under.

Each printer has the ability to record how many cards the machine has produced, manufacturers have warranties on printers when first purchased, this could become void if it’s found that your printer hasn’t gone through a cleaning cycle after producing 1000 cards.

If you would like to know how to clean your printer please contact us on [email protected], we have a dedicated team that work with our customers to ensure that all card printers are working at their finest.

We are releasing a number of how to documents that detail best practices for cleaning your ID card printer, to grab one of these documents, please email [email protected] with your printer model, company and contact name.

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