ID Card Security

Staff ID Card Security

With technology moving at such an advance pace these days counterfeiting is occurring more and more. With this in mind when purchasing Staff ID Cards you may want to consider an increased level of security.

Big businesses often have Access Control Cards to give them access to their place of work which not every business may need. Taking smaller businesses into consideration, how can we make your Staff ID Cards just as secure? Staff ID Cards are becoming increasingly popular and what deters your ID Cards from the rest? Are a complex design and a pantone colour scheme enough to prove your ID Cards are legit? Here at Lesar we aim to make sure that are Staff ID Cards are unique and up to date with security technology features to give our ID Cards the edge.

Some of our features include:-

Micro-text – Micro-text lines are a discrete way to improve security on your ID Cards. On first appearance it may just look like an ordinary line but with the use of a magnifying glass you will be able to see security wording related to your business.

Holo-Image – Your company logo is printed in holofoil onto the Staff ID Cards. This holofoil is unique to the customer’s ID card and are manufactured to specific requirements. Once the overprint of the card has taken place; if printed with an overlay the card is tamper proof and durable. This will also ensure that the holofoil does not wear away.

FOTOdot Technology – A series of unique microscopic images are printed on holofoil however the images can only be seen under a microscope. Due to the intricate detail of the images this technology increases security of your ID Cards tenfold.

Guilloche Pattern – A unique Guilloche Pattern is registered to a company’s ID Card this pattern requires a series of complex coding to recreate. Having this printed on your Staff ID Card can look simple but the code is read on a ID Card reader making it unique and impossible to recreate without the code.

UV Ink – Invisible to the eye making your Staff ID Cards even more secure however shown under UV lighting the custom design can clearly be seen.

Interference ink is a very special ink which from one angle looks invisible, from right it looks pink and left it looks green and again unique logo can be implemented on your ID Card making it very difficult and to duplicate.

All of these security features will strengthen the security of your Staff ID Cards making them impervious to coun­ter­fe­iting.­ 

If you would like more information on Staff ID Cards and the above security information please contact us on 0800 622 6201.

Article by Lewis Towers.


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