Self Cling Car Park Passes

Lesar UK Ltd are constantly adapting to the needs of our customer, and our Car Parking Permits are no exception. It had been brought to our attention that many of our customers had a requirement for additional parking information – car park maps, parking instructions, disclaimers etc, and the simplest way of offering this has been to print on the reverse of the Self-Cling Parking Permits.  However, this can be an expensive procedure and can put strain on already tight budgets.

After exploring many different potential solutions, our Research and development team came up with an innovative solution! At no extra cost we can print the  disclaimers to the front of the Self-Cling Parking Permits, but printed in reverse text. Once the parking permit is applied to the windscreen, this reverse text reads correctly to the driver inside the car. Many colleges, schools, businesses and parking control companies have taken advantage of our unique feature. This has made the self cling parking permits even more affordable while providing a professional finish.

Another feature of our Self-Cling Parking Permits is the pre-printed Sequential numbering option. All the passes are manufactured with a range of numbers printed on the face. Ensuring that when issued, the Permit carries a unique ID which has an audit trail back to the vehicle permit holder.

Although this is an incredibly usefull tool, when battling with budget requirements, we felt a need to offer our customers an alternative resolution for smaller quantity orders. Again, Lesar UK Ltd came up with the solution. Our in house Studio design team incorporated a white box onto the Self-Cling Parking Permit with the heading “Permit No.” This box can be numbered by hand using a biro or a thin marker pen. This cost effective solution has made the Self-Cling Parking Permits very competitively priced whilst providing a perfect solution to Car Park headaches!!

For more information about Self Cling Car Park Passes, please contact us on 0800 622 6201 or Email [email protected]


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