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Matica ID Printers


Matica Espresso II ID Card Printer

The Espresso II is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer, it represents Italian design and engineering but reflects German reliability with its fantastic consistency.
  • £769.50

Matica XiD8100

The Matica XiD8100 re-transfer printer is the perfect solution for the regular day-to-day demand to personalise all kinds of PVC cards.
  • £1495.00

Matica XiD8600

Since most of these projects are requiring the personalization on both sides of the card, the XID8600 already comes with a factory built-in flipper module in the standard model.

Matica XiD9330

The double-sided XID9330 retransfer card printer is the most powerful and versatile desktop unit in its class.

Matica XL8300

Concert organizers, professional sports leagues or large marketing agencies can rely on XL8300 to express what their event stands for. Oversized cards may serve as event passes or tickets, as well as name tags to identify regular attendees, VIPs or staff.
Matica was established in 1992 in Milan, Italy. Matica has developed into a leading manufacturer in ID card printer industry operating throughout the world with offices in Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, China, USA and the UAE. Matica has a portfolio of products that are used in a number of industries including,­ Financial, Government, Healthcare, Corporate, Education, Transport, Telec­om­mu­nica­tion, and Retail applications, such as passports, driving licences, or access control cards.