Matica MC110 Dual Sided ID Card Printer Bundle

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  • Emedia standard (normally £175)
  • Cardcare extra (normally £145)
  • Ribbon to print 250 (normally £49.95)
  • 200 blank white cards (normally £15.98)

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MC110: Elevate Your Card Issuance Experience with Simplicity and Precision!

Experience the convenience of effortless card issuance with the MC110. Designed to streamline the card issuance process, this user-friendly solution offers a hassle-free 'plug & print' operation. Powered by Matica's reliable print engine from the MC direct to card range, the MC110 ensures the production of vibrant, colorful cards, enabling seamless card perso­nali­zation.

Perfectly suited for membership organizations and small businesses, the MC110 is widely trusted for ID issuance. With the flexibility to upgrade from single to dual-sided print, users can adapt the MC110 to meet their evolving needs. Additionally, the MC110 offers an optional contactless encoder, empowering businesses to issue smart cards customized for specific requirements like entry control.


High-quality 300dpi printing

Experience exceptional print quality with the MC110's high-resolution 300dpi printing capability. Your cards will showcase vibrant colors and sharp details, ensuring professional-looking results.

Up to 150 color cards per hour

Efficiently produce up to 150 color cards per hour with the MC110, saving you valuable time and enabling swift card issuance to meet your organization's demands.

Field upgradability for single-sided to dual-sided printing

Upgrade the MC110 effortlessly from single-sided to dual-sided printing as your card issuance requirements evolve. Seamlessly transition to double-sided card perso­nali­zation without the need for additional equipment.

Compatible with Windows® and Mac operating systems

Enjoy cross-platform compatibility with the MC110. Whether you use Windows® or Mac operating systems, this printer seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, ensuring a smooth card printing experience.

Robust and reliable build quality

Experience the durability and reliability of the MC110's robust build quality. Built to withstand rigorous usage, this printer ensures consistent performance and longevity, making it an ideal choice for your card issuance needs.

Contactless encoding option

Enhance your card capabilities with the optional contactless encoding feature of the MC110. This enables the issuance of smart cards that can be tailored to meet your business requirements, such as convenient entry control solutions.

2-year warranty (subject to the use of chromXpert® ribbons)

Gain peace of mind with the MC110's 2-year warranty. Note that the warranty coverage is subject to the use of chromXpert® ribbons, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your printing needs.

Ideal for

Entry-level card issuance

The MC110 is the perfect solution for entry-level card issuance needs. Whether you're just starting with card printing or have basic requirements, this user-friendly printer simplifies the process and allows you to issue professional-looking cards with ease.

Mid to low-volume card printing

With its efficient performance, the MC110 is well-suited for mid to low-volume card printing. Whether you need to print a moderate amount of cards on a regular basis or have occasional card issuance requirements, this printer offers the reliability and speed you need.

ISEGA accredited for use with food products (Black and white monochrome ribbon)

The MC110 holds ISEGA accreditation for use with food products, specifically when utilizing the black and white monochrome ribbon. This ensures compliance and suitability for organizations that require card printing in food-related environments, offering peace of mind and adherence to industry standards.

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  • Dual-sided printing 
  • Contact encoding
  • Contactless encoding
  • 100 input capacity
  • 30 output capacity
  • Windows and mac compatible
  • 300 dpi resolution
  • Rewritable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full colour
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