Personalised Visitor Passes

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Each visitor signs in and tears away the badge to wear when on-site. Our optional time dependent ink ensures the pass can't be used or photocopied.


Site Safety Regulations

Site Safety Regulations

Each visitor adheres to your on-site safety regulations, from Health & Safety points to prohibited actions such as smoking and using cameras.

Data Protection

After each visitor signs in our system hides the previous visitors details using a personalised discrete sheet.

Data Protection Sheet

Personalised Visitor Passes

Our personalised visitor passes can help aid the fight against on-site criminal activity. Our system ensures every visitor that arrives on your premises is identifiable by issuing them with an authorised to be on-site pass. At a glance you can identify any unauthorised visitors, instantly helping protect your staff or organisation from potential harm.

This particular system can be branded throughout, personalise the register, the discrete sheet and the pass with your own logo, colours and information. We have had some customers provide us with a complete redesign of the visitor pass system, which we have no problem with printing.

Visitor passes sit neatly on your reception awaiting a visitor to arrive, once arrived the visitor completes the form styled entry and tears away the badge which displays all your on-site health and safety information. The pass can then be slotted into a plastic PVC wallet and attached to the lapel or item of clothing.

As the visitor signs in and tears away the badge, their details are transferred onto an essential register which doubles up as your up to date fire evacuation list. All visitors details are kept confidential with the use of a personalised discrete sheet. Each visitor begins their visit with all your on-site health and safety information and instructions to return the pass at the end of their visit.

What happens if the pass is taken off site, can the visitor use the pass again?

Our system numbers each pass accordingly and requires an expiry date to be completed before the pass is valid. If the visitor was to take the pass away from the premises and to return the following day the pass would be deemed invalid.

Can a visitor photocopy the pass to create a duplicate?

With our basic personalised visitor passes, yes. However, we can add an additional level of security to the passes which includes time dependent ink. The ink fades over a period of time leaving the pass with an identifiable mark showing the badge as invalid.

We also have more advanced visitor management systems


Health & Safety

Each visitor when signing in adheres to your health & safety rules. After signing in the visitor is issued with a pass which details all your on-site health and safety information. Health & safety information can be personalised.


Personalised throughout, we use your logo, colours and information. We personalise each section thereby enhancing the visitor experience upon arrival.

Data Protection

Protect the data of each visitor that arrives and signs in on-site, our discrete sheet hides all the previous visitors details.


Each system gives the ability to tear of a paper pass which the visitor wears on-site. The pass can be seen at a glance.



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15th Feb 2021, 12:38
I would like to take this opportunity to say how helpful Lewis Nixon and the Team at Lesar have been. I needed to have our visitor sign in sheets re-designed in new colours and to have the text changed and they have provided proofs or different colour schemes and nothing was too much trouble. When they found I out I was running out of my originals they rushed the order through and I had it within days of approving the proof. Thanks you Lesar it was a pleasure working with you.