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Visitor Management

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ProVisit Visitor Management System

ProVisit is a self hosted visitor management system designed to improve site security, manage visitors, employees and contractors.
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Personalised Visitor Passes

Personalised Passes - include health & safety points specific to your company/site and incorporate DDA Legislation.


Proxyclick is a cloud visitor management system designed for small to large organisation.

InVentry Visitor Management for Education

Designed for the Education, InVentry Visitor Management Software
Rating: 4.5 of 5

Personalised Visitor Books

20 Per Sheet and 10 contractor and cards, Personalised with your logo and Health and Safety requirements
  • £125.00

Multi Pass Book

10 Passes Per Sheet with a data protection sheets included and a carbon copy for easy reporting with data security
  • £56.00

Personalised Multi Pass Book

10 fully customised Passes per page including logo, information and colour scheme while also having data protection and reporting
RWwrite ID

Re-Usable Visitor Card System

Our new rewrite technology now allows you to rewrite the same card upto 500 times.

Generic Visitor Passes

Visitor Passes, includes health and safety points specific to your company/site and incorporates DDA Legislation.

We provide all your Visitor Management products

A visitor management system helps your building to monitor who enters your premises and can even record usage to help you make further decisions based on how busy you are at certain time periods. They can also help you to stay complaint with a number of safety laws and act as things such as a fire report etc. 

A visitor system can come in both a paper or electronic form. The paper visitor system can be a standard templated system or you can get custom branded system specific to your business. We would recommend considering the branded option as it will add a level of security to your system with it being specific to your needs. 

Online and electronic visitor management software are becoming more and more popular due to them being cost effective and offer more features and security. At Lesar we offer a number of different electronic systems that will fit the needs of all sizes of companies. We have developed our own visitor software which is self hosted and is designed to improve your professional image, site security and on-site health & safety. Find out more by visiting our dedicated website for visitor management.

Lesar has been providing visitor management systems for 16 years and have a wide range of experience that can ensure you get the correct solution for your business. We highly recommend that you call us to discuss your specific requirements so that we can give you all the options that we feel will best suit your business. Call us on 0333 7000 123