Printed ID Cards

We have been printing staff id cards for over 10 years now, and with all the high tech equipment which enabes us to product high quality id cards, we feel that this makes us a preferred supplier for most companies in the UK.

How does your staff id card service work?

Step 1:

Simply send us your contact information via our green information request button. (Bottom of this News article)

Step 2:

Once we receive your enquiry we will call you to discuss your requirements, we will ask questions like:

What kind of information are they going to hold?

Names, Jobtitles, Logos, Photos and contact information for verfication of the staff id card.

What are your company colours?

We ask this so we can base the design around your corporate identity, we try to make the id card not only a souce of identity but an advertising tool aswell.

We will also ask other questions but to find out what these are you will need to enquire :)

Step 3:

Once we have all the relevant information for the staff id cards, we will then create you a design based on the conversation. This then gets sent across to you for approval, if changes are required we simply go back and forth until the design is complete.

Step 4:

Once the design is complete we then ask you to send us your photo's, either by post or email. Don't worry about how they look or will they work, we will sort out all the resizing and cropping we try to keep the service as simple as possible.

Step 5:

Once we have received photos we simply pop them into production and the magic begins, once the cards are printed and complete we send them out to you immediately by Parcel Force.

And that's it! you should receive your staff id cards within 4 - 5 days; however, if the cards are urgent we can get them out to you sooner.

We also have a call off service, this means that if you place an order for say 20 id cards and you only need 12 we will print the required amount and the remaining id cards will stay on file until required. Great if someone looses their staff id card (we all know this happens!)

If you would like to enquire about staff id cards, start by step 1 and click the information request below.


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