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School supplies for teachers are essential. Custom ID cards, personalised ID's and other accessories are integral to the proper functioning of academic institutions such as colleges, universities and schools. Not only do they provide a sense of security, but they also promote organisation and increase profes­si­onalism in educational institutions. This enrolment, we’re here to make the process simpler for educational estab­lis­hments. Our range includes ID cards and accessories, parking permits, visitor management systems, CardHero (a bespoke order on demand ID card system), and a range of reliable ID card printer bundles.

Student ID Cards for school

ID cards are an integral part of any educational institution registration process, essential for verifying the identity of all students, staff and visitors. These can then be used for a range of things like access control, library borrowing and meal plans. We offer a range of ID card types, and any design you require. Alternatively, our creative team can create a bespoke design, or you can browse our ID card template options to meet the unique needs of each educational institution. Contact us to learn more!

Types of ID Cards

  • Photo ID cards - These cards include a clear and high-quality photograph of the individual and serve as a quick and easy form of identi­fica­tion.
  • Magnetic stripe cards - These cards use a magnetic stripe to store information such as the individual's name, ID number, and other details.
  • Smart cards - Smart cards are more secure than magnetic stripe cards and offer more data storage capacity. They can be used for applications such as access control, attendance tracking, and more.
  • Custom printed ID cards - Our custom printing service allows educational institutions to fully customise their ID cards with their own logos, design elements, and more.

In addition to ID cards, we also offer a range of ID card accessories such as personalised lanyards, ID card holdersclips, and ID card reels to help individuals securely and conveniently carry their ID cards.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are an essential tool for managing parking in educational institutions. They help to keep car parks organised and ensure that only authorised individuals are able to park in designated areas.

Types of parking permits

  • Scratch Off Permits: These are durable, weather-resistant permits that feature a scratch-off section to reveal a unique code or serial number. They are perfect for long-term parking solutions and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.
  • A4 Pop Out Permits: These are versatile permits that can be easily displayed on a dashboard or rearview mirror. They are made from high-quality card-stock and feature a pop-out design for easy use.
  • Hanging Parking Permits / hangtags: These permits feature a pre-cut hole for easy hanging and are perfect for parking garages or lot. They are made from durable materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.
  • Self Cling Permits: These permits feature a static cling backing that allows them to adhere to the inside of a car window without leaving any residue. They are perfect for temporary or short-term parking solutions and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your specific needs.

All of our parking permits are completely bespoke and designed to your exact specifi­cations. Choose from a variety of materials, colours, shapes, and sizes to create the perfect parking permit solution for your business. Contact us today to start customising your parking permits.

ProVisit Visitor Management System

Visitor management is an important aspect of security and accountability in educational institutions. Our ProVisit Visitor Management System is a cutting-edge solution that helps to keep track of visitors in real-time and provides a secure log-in/log-out system.

Features of the ProVisit Visitor Management System

  • Questionnaires - Our system includes a customisable questionnaire feature, allowing educational institutions to quiz visitors upon arrival before granting access to the premises. Incorrect answers will result in the visitor being placed on hold, and the host being notified.
  • Permit to Work - Our system includes a permit to work feature, allowing educational institutions to grant temporary access to contractors and other non-employees.
  • Offsite Inductions - Our system also includes an offsite induction feature, allowing visitors to complete their induction process online before arriving on the premises, saving time and improving security.
  • Automated Reports - Our system provides automatic generation of reports on visitor traffic, helping educational institutions to easily track and analyse visitor patterns.

Additional features can be found here, or if you prefer to book a demo, click here.


CardHero is a simple and efficient online ordering system designed to help educational institutions manage their ID card and accessory needs.

Features of CardHero

  • Trusted - CardHero has been trusted by over 13,000 customers, and has over 20 years of experience in the industry, providing high-quality products and services across the country.
  • One Payment Saver - CardHero offers a one payment saver feature, allowing educational institutions to order ID cards and accessories as they need them, without having to use all their credits at once.
  • GDPR Compliant - CardHero is fully GDPR compliant, ensuring that the personal data of its customers is handled and stored securely.
  • Unique portal for uploading a photo and entering details - CardHero provides a unique portal for customers to easily upload their photos and enter their details, making the ordering process simple and hassle-free.
  • Lowest Price Guarantee - CardHero offers a lowest price guarantee, ensuring that customers receive the best value for their money.
  • Online ordering system - CardHero's online ordering system is user-friendly and allows for easy and efficient ordering of ID cards and accessories from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

ID Card Printers

In order to produce high-quality ID cards, educational institutions need a reliable ID card printer. Our company offers a range of ID card printers to meet the needs of each educational institution, from single-sided printers for low-volume needs to dual-sided printers for higher-volume needs.

We have a range of printers with varying specifications as well as a range of bundles which typically contains printer ribbons, blank ID cards, lanyards and support.

Our recommendation would be the primacy 2. The Primacy 2 ID card printer is a popular choice for educational institutions due to its efficiency, reliability, and ability to produce high-quality cards. It offers a range of features including compatibility with different card materials and an easy-to-use portal for uploading photos and details. The Primacy 2 is built to last, making it a dependable solution for high-volume printing needs.

In conclusion, our comprehensive range of products and services, designed to streamline the enrolment process for educational institutions, are crucial for enrolment. From ID cards and accessories to parking permits, visitor management systems, and reliable ID card printers, we have everything educational institutions need to run efficiently and securely. To learn more about our offerings or to place an order with a price match promise and unbeatable support, please contact us today. We also offer next day delivery!

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