Visitor Passes

The Visitor Pass System is split into three parts and each part plays a specific and important role.

The Pass

The Visitor Pass itself has a number of uses; firstly it is used as a form of identity as it displays the Visitors details. The Visitor Pass can be tailored to the companies specifications as the columns on the pass can be altered to display the relevant information required. For example, Some visitor passes have Date, Visitor Name and Company across the top and others have Name, Host and Vehicle Reg. The pass also includes the company logo and colours which helps portray a corporate image.

The company can also use the visitor pass to display their Health & Safety and company regulation wording on the passes. This can prove to be very useful as the visitors always have a copy of the site rules whilst on the premises.

The Data Protection Sheet

Every Visitor Pass System includes a Discretion Sheet. This sheet is used to hide the previous visitors' details in conjunction with the current Data Protection Act 1998. This sheet can be personalised with the company logo. Therefore, when a Visitor tears away the visitor pass; they again see the company logo which adds to the companies professional image.

Fire Register

The Fire Register can be used to include additional Health & Safety wording for the Visitor to read, sign and adhere to. This additional space can be very useful for manufacturing sites which tend to have many site rules and regulations.

Every visitor pass and fire register is numbered sequentially; this ensures that each line on the register matches the pass adding to the security of the visitor pass system.

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