When Will My ID Cards Arrive?

Summary: We work on a 3 - 5 day turnaround, if urgent we can sometimes squeeze you in.

How long does it take for my staff ID cards to arrive?

We know the importance of security when working with companies and organisations, we've been supplying staff ID cards for over 10 years and we've been stripping & tweaking the print process to ensure we get the cards to you within what we call a "rapid turnaround".

The whole process starts off with you providing us (Lesar UK) with your logo and the desired information you wish to display on your ID cards. That’s right, we don't tend to use templates as we like every company to have a unique design! Once you've sent over your Logo and design description i.e. brief we start by designing you a professional identification card. This design stays on file and saved under your records which are kept in a secure location protected by various methods.

Once you've agreed the design, we ask you to complete a simple spreadsheet which contains all the information you wish to display on the card.

I.e. if you have Name, Job title and Expiry Date on your ID card then the spreadsheet would include Name, Job title and Expiry Date.

After you complete the spreadsheet also known as your database, we ask you to upload this to our shared file facility to which we then add your uploaded data to our job schedule.

We work on a 2 - 3 day turnaround.

Once your cards arrive all we ask is that you leave some kind comments on our service.


To find out more about our service contact our ID Bureau department on 0800 622 6201 or email [email protected]

Visit our dedicated product page: https://­www.­lesar.­co.­uk/­products/­id-cards-products.html

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