Why Safety Breakaway Lanyards?

In our modern environment safety has become the number one priority for all organizations such as Schools, Colleges, Work Places and Government Organizations. Lanyards are used by all of these organizations because they allow ID Cards to be clearly displaced around the neck at all times, which enables security to identify who is authorized and who isn’t.  

In 2007 October, a company in America had to recall over one million Glow Sticks and Lanyards which were given out to consumers including children when purchasing donuts. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued two warnings about the toys. The Glow sticks were not properly labeled to warn consumers that the cap and lanyard can detach, posing a choking hazard; also, the Lanyards pose a strangulation hazard towards young children as they didn’t include a Safety Breakaway, fortunately no injuries were reported.

Lanyards are a major safety concern when children are involved. Colleges and Schools tend to give students an official ID card to wear when on the school or college premises. As this became more popular schools and colleges were forced to think of a solution which could eliminate the hazard or strangulation, they began by cutting the lanyards in two and putting them back with Velcro which enabled a makeshift safety release. The only problems using Velcro is that it tends to get caught on the fabric used for the lanyards and occasionally got tangled up in hair and snag on clothing.

At Lesar we believe safety of our products is the number one priority, we include a plastic clasps that can be detached and reattached as many times as required without losing its effectiveness.

The Plastic clasp can be located anywhere on the lanyard but the most common place for the Attachment is on the back which sits on the back of your neck. This doesn’t affect your ID Cards or Holders.

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