Evolis RCT018NAA Scratch Off Ribbon (1000 Prints)

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Evolis RCT018NAA Scratch-Off Ribbon (1000 Prints)

Ideal for gift cards and concealing confidential codes, the Evolis RCT018NAA scratch-off ribbon prints a grey effect for protection and secure discovery of information. With up to 1000 prints per roll, this continuous ribbon can print to conceal a large quantity of information on ID, gift or voucher cards.


  • 1000 prints per roll
  • Scratch off ribbon
  • Genuine Evolis ribbons
  • Additional Part No: R-EV-RCT018NAA
  • Manufacturer Part No: RCT018NAA


To get the most out of this product, we recommend using the ribbon within one year and storing it in a cool, dry environment absent dust and direct sunlight which can damage the panels from heat exposure. The precise lifespan of ribbon supplies will vary by manufacturer and model, but as a rule of thumb most manufacturers estimate that ribbons have a lifespan of up to one year. Once a ribbon has expired, the panels will start tearing during the printing process.

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