Proximity energy saving reader


Proximity energy saving reader

This proximity reader has a special cover that is designed to recognise a user card. Once a proximity card is slotted into the reader, the reader can allow or deny access into the building as appropriate. Once the user has been allowed into the building, the same card can then be used to ensure that electrical equipment is only switched on when an authorised user card is inserted and once retained the user equipment will be turned off this in time, saves energy payments and ensures the building remains a safe environment. Access levels can be run on an expiry bases so once the expiry has run out the card can then be recoded.

  • Box contents
  • Plastic - Energy saver front cover, black
  • Plastic - Energy saver front cover, white
  • Fitting kit - P50 and cardreader
  • Packaging - box insert - readers for icc-bx01 (rki)
  • Packaging - box OD 190x175x55mm readers (ne3)
  • Label - product serial number label 27x10mm
  • Label - Tech support international
  • Label - Void if seal is broken, 80x30mm
  • Sales Code label, 27x20mm, Paxton EU, CE
  • Energy saving reader, Mifare

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