Staff ID Cards

Whether or not you are a company owner or school head teacher, everyone needs staff id cards. The reason behind this is because everyone needs to protect their school/company identity. Every company today give staff members their id card instantly onsite through a traditional id card printing system. This can however be a costly piece of equipment for small companies and schools.

At Lesar UK, we offer a service called the id bureau service. We have a minimum order of 20 staff ID cards; don’t worry if you don’t need 20 cards at first as we will keep the remaining staff id cards on file for future use.

E.g., you simply order the minimum quantity of 20 cards but you only require 12, we simply print and dispatch the 12 required staff id cards and the remaining staff id cards stay on file for future use. These can be used for additional staff members, staff who have lost their id cards or even volunteers.

Id cards are a great source of advertising and getting your company brand out there, each employee will be wearing their id badge all day everyday walking in shops and other public places. People will see your branded id cards regularly and this will become a cheap but effective way of advertising.

Identification cards can also include other features such as:

Magnetic Strips – Ideal for swiping in and out of buildings

Chips – Great for storing high volume information

Signature Strips – Adds an additional sense of security to your staff id card by capturing the employee’s signature

Barcodes – Another great way holding information on the id card

Braille – We can now Braille your staff id cards

Holographic Foil – Again another great way of adding that extra security feel to your staff id cards.

Plus many more.

ID Cards are not only used by staff, they are also used by visitors visiting your place of work. Each visitor is given his or her unique id card, which is worn around the neck with a branded or plain lanyard. Your visitors will be seen clearly from a distance, this helps make sure that your security is one-step ahead in controlling your visitors.

If you would like more information about staff id cards for your school or company, please contact us on 0800 622 6201 or email [email protected]


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