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Evolis ID Card Printers


Evolis Primacy Single Sided ID Card Printer

The Evolis Primacy ID card printer is an entry-level ID card printer. The Primacy produces over 225 cards per hour. Call 0800 622 6201 for our latest offer or a Price Match Guarantee!
  • £1035.00
Rating: 4.9 of 5

Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID Card Printer

The Evolis Primacy Dual Sided ID card printer is the number 1 entry-level ID printer available on the market, the Primacy produces over 225 cards per hour.
  • £1255.00

Evolis Badgy 200 ID Card Printer

The Badgy 200 is a Compact and light single sided card printer. It's able to produce instant personalised cards to your needs and design in small batch amounts.
  • £639.00
Rating: 4.9 of 5

Evolis Zenius Plastic Card Printer

Replacing the Tattoo2; this printer is the one-stop solution to print high-quality single-sided cards with the ability to encode. Able to print in singles or in runs, either in monochrome or colour, it is ideal for a variety of applications.
  • £795.00

Evolis Tattoo RW

Tattoo RW is an Evolis printer for single-sided rewritable cards. This printer is the ultimate solution for your temporary badges and cards which can be updated whenever required, A single cards can be erased, revised and printed a new up to 500 times.
  • £990.00

Edikio Price Tag Access Solution

The Edikio Access allows you to print single sided credit card sized price tags in full or single colour. Bundle comes complete with Lite Edikio price tag software, 100 black food safe cards and a white ribbon.
  • £515.00

Evolis Avansia

Avansia is a Retransfer card printer for very high quality card printing. Designed for rigorous use, Avansia is extremely tough and provides high security card issuance. Capable for printing in medium and large quantities.

Evolis Elypso

The Elypso printer was designed for all your individual plastic card printing and personalization needs: monochrome or color, with multiple encoding options. Elypso is ideal for Payment cards, Transit passes, Loyalty cards / gift cards and Healthcare card

Evolis Quantum

The Quantum card printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes. It personalizes the cards front and back, in color or monochrome, with a printing speed of more than 1000 cards per hour.

Evolis Securion

The Securion printer is the best solution for personalizing and laminating secure cards at customer-facing counters. It caters to the growing need for security and fraud control and produces cards that will last significantly longer.
Evolis Pebble4

Evolis Pebble 4

Evolis Dualys 3

Evolis Dualys


About Evolis

Evolis have been manufacturing printers for over 15 years, with offices in 125 countries and 1000's of printers supplied every year, Evolis are quickly becoming the preferred brand of card printer for producing identification cards. Evolis currently have 7 model of printers available, Badgy200, Zenius, Primacy, Avansia, Quantum, Securion & the Tattoo Rewrite.

If you would like to know more about Evolis or their models of plastic card printer feel free to contact our team on 0333 7000 123 or email enquiries@lesar.co.uk for all other ID card printers click here.

Featured product
Evolis ID Card Printer

Evolis Primacy

The Primacy card printer is a printer used widely in the education sector, with 100's of printers being sold every year into organisations the Primacy has become the preferred printer for producing ID cards.