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Zebra ID Printers


Zebra ZC100 ID Card Printer

The Zebra ZC100 is designed to work right out of the box. There is no-time consuming, complicated setup - just plug it in and reap the benefits the day your printer arrives.
  • £610.25

Zebra ZC300

The Zebra ZC300 makes it simple to print high quality plastics cards such as ID cards or membership cards. Available both as a single sided or dual sided printer.
  • £732.95

Zebra ZC350

The Zebra ZC350 is a fantastic stylish printer that offers advanced printing options to create virtually any card design you can dream up.
  • £785.99

Zebra ZXP Series 7

With a choice of numerous encoding, connectivity and ribbon options; this printer is the option you need for high-volume, high-quality card printing. For those who need extra security or durability, also available is dual sided lamination.

Zebra ZXP series 7 Pro Card Printer

ZXP Series 7 Pro is a great reliable printer for high volume prints used by many different types of businesses in the Retail,­Education and Goverment sectors

Zebra ZXP Series 9

This is a retransfer printer with amazing benefits specifically designed for high security applications. It produces outstanding image quality at speeds faster than any other retransfer printer on the market. Available soon! Contact us for more informatio
  • £1709.65

Zebra ZXP Series 1 Card Printer

The most affordable single sided ID card printer. It has the capacity to hold 100 blank plastic ID cards in the input hopper so you can quickly print a large batch of ID cards.
Rating: 5.0 of 5

Zebra ZXP Series 3

The ZXP Series 3 is the best choice for business where small space, minimal training and print quality are important. Affordable, compact and easy to use, this printer will print single and double sided to your design with encoding options.

Zebra ZXP Series 8

The Series 8 is a high definition re-transfer ID printer; that prints high quality ID Cards at an impressive speed, just under 190 full colour cards per hour. Also available is the Series 8 Secure Issuance Card Printer, which prints secure financial cards

Zebra ZXP Series 1 Quick Card Package

DISCONTINUED - The Zebra ZXP Series 1 Quick Card Package is a complete system for printing your ID cards. The package includes camera, printer ribbon, software and ID Cards!

Zebra ZXP Series 3 Complete ID Card System

A complete system for printing and encoding your plastic ID cards. Within minutes of the Zebra ZXP Series 3 system being delivered you will be personalising your own ID cards.

Zebra P330i

Quick Specs:Direct to card printingSingle sided printingBoth Mono and Full Colo­urIn­treg­rated feeder and flipper

About Zebra

Zebra Technologies are known from producing fast yet affordable plastic ID card printers. Zebra have incorporated extra features such as encoding options into their printers to provide a variety of ID cards. Zebra have a range of printers available such as the Zebra ZXP Series 7, Zebra ZXP Series 3, Zebra ZXP Series 8, Zebra P330i, Zebra P430i, Zebra P110i & the Zebra ZXP Series 1.

If you would like to know more about Zebra or their models of plastic card printer feel free to contact our team on 0333 7000 123 or email enquiries@lesar.co.uk for all other ID card printers click here.

Featured product

Zebra ZXP Series 8

The Zebra ZXP is the fastest Re-Transfer Printer on the Market. With the ability to print single/double sided ID cards, this printer can adapt to your exact specifications.