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Did you know we offer an ID card printing service? We print ID Cards so you don't have to.

Looking to Purchase an ID Card Printer?

Lesar offer a full range of ID card solutions including plastic card printers. An ID card printer, also known as an ID badge printer is a desktop printer that allows you to create personalised identity cards and staff cards. Choosing the right ID card printer for your business to print ID cards is not as easy as it sounds. Here are a few questions one needs to consider before purchasing an ID card printer.

Single-Sided or Dual-Sided Card Printer

Single-sided card printers are designed to print on the front side of the ID card, leaving the reverse side blank. Single sided cards are ideal for applications including offices, schools and memberships. 

Dual-sided card printers are designed to print on both the front and the reverse side of ID cards. This option is a popular choice for organisations and allows more room for information and features.

Edge-To-Edge or Over-The-Edge Printing

Edge-to-edge printing is where a slim border is left around the surface of your final printed ID card. This is because the area around the card does not have any printing applied to it. The border colour is dependent on the colour of the card chosen for the printing job.

Edge-to-edge card printing is a popular and economic method of printing with direct-to-card printers.

Over-the-edge printing is a print method that leaves no visible border around the edges of your printed ID card. This print method is known as retransfer printing and is considered to be more expensive.

With over-the-edge printing, you are guaranteed a higher quality, more professional looking ID card. Edge-to-edge is a more affordable option 

Three Card Printer Features

Print Volume
Print Speed
Print Security
Before purchasing your ID card printer, find the quantity of cards your business expects to print in each session but also during any given year. 
Print speed is a sought after requirement which works hand in hand with print volume for customers wanting to print id cards on demand. 
ID card printers offer a range of security features, but manufacturers offer different types and levels of security for your printer and ID cards.